Don Kingfisher Campbell on Poets Cafe

The following interview of Don Kingfisher Campbell by Lois P. Jones originally aired on KPFK Los Angeles (reproduced with permission).

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Don Kingfisher Campbell has just earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles. His poems have recently appeared in About Place, ..and it happened under cover, A Poet Is A Poet No Matter How Tall, Bicycle Review, Crack The Spine, The Gambler, The Lake, L.A. Poetry Examiner, Literary Burlesque, Lummox, Men In The Company Of Women, New Verse News, Oddball Magazine, P2F2, Poetic Diversity, Poetry & Cookies, Poetry Breakfast, Poetry Super Highway, Revolutionary Poets Brigade, Sassafras, Spilt Ink, Statement, Subtopian, Sun Runner, Tower Journal, Verse-Virtual, The Write Room, Writers At Work, and Zouch.


Heiser, Trent, Kivlin, Rochlen

a found poem using Adam Tschorn’s L.A. Times article

fresh-faced young men
wet from the surf
stand ramrod straight
at the end of the pier

it’s the summer of ’46
these soon-to-be legendary watermen
create surf culture in its infancy
the exportation of a lifestyle

a wave decades away from cresting
the Beach Boys still little boys
the woodie wagon simply a car
they become certified lifeguards

and big wave surfers
influential board shapers
even designers of Jams
those flower-festooned trunks

past the Navy
one teaches P.E.
in squeaky clean
red shorts

more Disney than Point Dune
light years away from
stringy-haired, checkerboard wearing
Spicoli-style surf rats

now merely memories
in a Santa Monica apartment
photos crammed on a wall
seen from an overstuffed chair