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Night Ladder


An Offering to Mind and Body: A Review of Lois P. Jones’s Night Ladder

Review: Night Ladder by Lois P. Jones (reviewed by Toti O’Brien)

In Splendor Lois P. Jones describes… What the photographer captured/ when she slipped the lens/ inside the cello to reveal/ the prayer that burns inside/ every instrument/ and you stood in its teak room/ awash in the cleft of light… This astounding image encapsulates how poem after poem takes the reader of Night Ladder to the brink of the mystical and mundane, a visioning from the inside through a synesthetic response to paintings, music, places, history, love and desire. In refusing to deny the presence of the sacred in a life, maybe especially a secular life, she shows us how transformation waits at the edges of the simplest experiences. All of this and a pitch perfect ear make this book a necessary, inspiring, and beautiful guide to mindfulness. I would follow Lois P. Jones wherever her poems lead.

~ Mary Kay Rummel, author of The Lifeline Trembles and Cypher Garden