2019 Beyond Baroque FEBRUARY 15 FRIDAY 8:00 PM GRATEFUL CONVERSATIONS Grateful Conversations is a portrait of a group of female poets from California, who come together each month to hone their craft and share their verse. Known as Westside Women Writers and active as a group since 2008, they include Millicent Borges Accardi, Madeleine S. Butcher, Georgia Jones Davis, Lois P. Jones, Susan Rogers, Kathi Stafford, Sonya Sabanac, Ambika Talwar and Maja Trochimczyk. Regular admission. Members FREE.


 Carnegie Art Museum with co-feature Mary Kay Rummel!

Sunday, December 7 @ 6 with co-feature Mary Fitzpatrick!


Featuring – Mandy Kahn and Lois P. Jones



October 12, 2018

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