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The following interview of Kath Abela Wilson by Lois P. Jones originally aired on KPFK Los Angeles (reproduced with permission).

Biographical Information—Kath Abela Wilson

Kath Abela Wilson publishes in many print and online journals including Asahi, Atlas Poetica, a Journal of Poetry of Place in Contemporary Tanka; Astarte; Astropoetica; Behold the Pirate Pig; Chopin with Cherries; Eucalypt; Lunarosity; Notes from the Gean; Phantom Seed; Red Lights; Ribbons; Sage Trail; Shakespeare’s Monkey Review; Tiny Words; 7×20; Totem, the Caltech Literary and Arts Journal; The Whistling Fire; Star*Line; The League of Laboring Poets; and 20 anthologies on different themes from Poets on Site, as well as several anthologies of the Southern CA Haiku Group. She is a regular contributor of short forms to the online site “Haiku News.” Two poems are forthcoming in Kyoto Journal. Prizes include Shakespeare’s Monkey Review, first place Simian prize, 2009 for “Telling the Bees” and Third place Pinewood haiku contest, 2008.

She is the creator and leader of the band of “Poets on Site,” a poetry performance group where poets collaborate with dancers, musicians (her husband a collector and player of historical and world flutes) artists and scientists to perform on site of their inspirations. Poets on Site has produced 14 books and performances at museums, galleries and gardens in Southern California.

You can hear Poets on Site do the first US poetry audio tour of a museum collection at the Pacific Asia Museum:


Kath Abela Wilson considers Caltech her second home, and hosts weekly meetings of the Caltech Poetry Club, the Caltech Fine Arts Club on campus, as well as poetry, world music and dance salons at their home nearby. With her husband Rick she hosts continuous rotating art shows in The Living Room Gallery, their home, where so far three artists have presented large solo shows, which culminated in a book of poetry by poets in attendance at each salon. She edits, prints and publishes these books herself. She is also a singer, percussionist, dancer and artist. Her drawings, paintings and photo images of “natural readymade” creatures have appeared in books and journals and shown at shows and galleries in Southern California. She has performed in concert and gallery performances with her husband and other chamber groups. Her husband, Rick Wilson has a collection of over 200 historical and world flutes in working order. He performs in concerts and for Poets on Site performances. See his website: www.oldflutes.com

Kath Abela Wilson, travels the world to mathematics conferences with her Caltech professor husband, Rick Wilson. She listens poetically to lectures, and sketches portraits of each speaker. They’ve recently traveled to Iran, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, and Slovakia.

7 thoughts on “Kath Abela Wilson on Poets Cafe

  1. The uniquely talented couple Kathabela Wilson and Rick Wislon’s
    patronage of all art forms is a great help and gift to many
    Their positive energy is greatly helpful in our chaotic society.

  2. She is my inspiration and a great gift to all who know her. Kathabela Wilson is one of those rare beings who is at once supremely talented and supremely humble. She excels in many arts: poetry, music, jewelry, cooking and even the art of gardening. A renaissance woman she is truly that blessed combination of a gracious, giving and loving heart. Rick Wilson is equally talented and equally gracious. They are an extraordinary couple.

  3. Kathabela’s poetry is rich in imagery. In her tanka she packs so much into a small space. Her reading style is unique and draws the listener in. My wife and I met her and Rick in person last year. They are both such warm and loving people. Kathabela is one of a kind. The joy in the universe kind of bubbles up through her.

  4. Kathabela has melted me into admiration every time I saw her, or attended one of her gatherings at her house in Pasadena, California. She is a lady with a beautiful mind–one of the angels
    throughout time. It is easy to be immortal in her eternal presence.
    Thank you Kathabela for the beauty you are.

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